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Total newbie (now with bike)


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Total newbie (now with bike)

Post by TONY on Sat Oct 15, 2016 10:07 pm

Hi guys, I did my first post on here in early September looking for advice towards trying out racing next year, it was decided that we would have a go at pre injection 600 class because that looked the cheapest class to rebuild the bike when I drop it. Anyway I sat down and thought long and hard about it and I asked around the paddock at east fortune and decided that I wanted to race a kawasaki zx6R, bearing this in mind I went straight out and bought a cbr600, so that part didn't go to plan but anyway we have a bike, (3 bikes actually one complete and another 2 in bits If anyone needs anything), so now I need a bit of advice guys, what tyres are people using and what pressures work ? Can I up spring the forks (it feels awfully soft)  what gearing is anyone using on an old cbr600 steely ? And just any basic advice anyone would like to offer me, also how soon can I join melville club and get on with the sacu process so I can ride it, iv lost a load of weight and my leathers flap a bit nowadays is that a problem when we get to scrutineering ? I'm just a total novice that's went out and bought a bike folks so if anyone can help me or prepare me for it then please fire away, ill listen to all advice from anyone

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