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Post Classic...What the....


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Post Classic...What the....

Post by DonaldH on Mon Jan 04, 2016 10:55 pm

I keep getting messages sent regarding possible changes for Post Classic bikes and it seems like history repeating itself,the PC guys I know seem happy to carry on as is,seems like if you and a couple of mates think differant you can Facebook or whatever and kick up an argument for change,my advice for people who dont want change is go to AGM or contact the Club and make your opinion heard,the differance between a Post Classic racer and a racer is the Post Classic bit,a point lost on some,though it s individuals who ride the bikes but  it s a group sport,rules should benefit everyone not the few who make the most noise,I 've always let my riding speak for itself never needed an advantage or to mould rules,shame others think different....

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